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Looking forward, looking back

27 September 1964

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat!
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Since the first thing I do when I see an LJ user is to look up their user info, I suppose I should provide a few personal details. I work as a computer programmer so you'll occasionally see some technical stuff but I rarely write about my work, because it isn't interesting, even for me. At the moment I'm working on my PhD in military history, studying the campaigns in the South West Pacific. So you'll see a lot of stuff about that. As you can see, the sorting hat put me in Ravenclaw. I've wandered around the world a bit and the US a lot so there'll be references to many places. There will also be references to online media fandom in general and Blake's 7 in particular.

Bondage is love.

By w00tlikewoah

Mark Ryden is creepy love.

By w00tlikewoah

Girls are love.

By w00tlikewoah

By pseudomonas

Who else is love?