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Santa's Naughty List for 2014

The naughty list is dominated by athletes this year

5. Michael Phelps
4. Justin Bieber
3. Sepp Blatter
2. Ray Rice
1. Todd Carney

NB: If you don't know what Todd Carney did, don't google it! Trust me on this.

Riding to work

Bike path is busier than Burke Street these days.


Coldest winter in 14 years. Subzero temperatures every morning.


Few things are cuter than red pandas, but girl red pandas have only one period a year. For some years now the Canberra Zoo has been putting its boy panda and its girl panda together every summer in the hope that something would happen. Finally, it worked, and they now have twin baby pandas.

Baby red pandas make first outing at Canberra's zoo

Cycling to work

Normally winter means less cyclists on the paths, but for some reason there are more than ever this year. Passed two dozen on the way in to work (not to mention about 50 cars).



Daylight savings has ended, so riding home in the dark. Winds make it a fast ride at the moment.

Was going to ride in a 24-hour race last weekend but heavy rains flooded the camp site area and it was cancelled.


Summer officially over

Five degrees last night.

Put the doona back on the bed.



Said I'd switch to Dreamwidth when they'd fixed all my bug reports.

They're still working on them.

At least they still send updates.