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History News - Iraq

Here's an article on Iraq by a military historian serving in the Persian Gulf. Apart from a classic quote from an American Civil War (1861-65) era newspaper, he poses the following question:
If we can't define or measure success, how would we attain it?



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1st Feb, 2006 04:22 (UTC)
What? You mean they can't just say, "We'll know it when we see it..."

1st Feb, 2006 21:51 (UTC)
Excellent article. Thanks for the link!

It's been obvious to me since about April of 2003, just from the bits and pieces I've managed to pick up in regular news stories, that (a.) language and culture barriers were going to pose a severe problem for those seeking to impose democracy and peace on Iraq, and (b.) the problem was going to go unrecognized and unaddressed for an absurdly long time because of the culture and mindset that the US "defense" establishment from Bush on down seems to be permanently stuck in. Chris Bray does the best job I've seen yet, of focusing on the problem.

Truth in advertising demands that the US should rename the Pentagon the "Department of Offense," making the "Defense" name available to what's now called "Homeland Security."
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