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What I did during my Summer Holiday


Took the car in for its 50,000 km service at this place that usually services ambulances and therefore was open over the Christmas break. They found some minor problems that had been cusing that annoying noise. Also took it to the tyre service and got a complete new set of tyres. And paid the rego.

Comic Books

Brought several hundred bags and backing boards down and attempted to bag and board the collection on the shelves in Melbourne. Most were in bags they were purchased in and many of these had deteriorated over the years. Many of the older ones - dating back to the 1960s - were in magazine bags n groups of ten or twelve. Perhaps a dozen had backing boards and most of an inferior sort. Barely got half of them done before I ran out of bags. Made some effort to consolidate some collections, which are mostly Marvels from the 1970s. The Fantastic Four collection had issues 2 thru 102 on a shelf but I found other, later issues in boxes in the cupboard labelled "crap comics". It turns out that, expect for perhaps a dozen isues, the collection goes as far as issue 300. The X-Men collection was similar. The collections were consolidated together in one place. I X-Men and Thor back in boxes, to be bagged in Canberra. There's also a large collection of Jack Kirby comics, including Forever People, Jimmy Olsen, Kamandi and Devil Dinosaur. These also need cataloging. Whole thing is still a mess.


Christmas mas much less intense this year with no family gathering. Little Boo and my neices came around so I could admire her leg brace. Jenette was very pleased with her new laptop computer and Reanne even seemed to think the Oggz I gave her were kewl. Later went around to see my cousin cousin Terry and her daughters Jo and Chris, who are a hoot. Haven't yet got around to sending details of this year's trip to Jo to sort out.


Wrote a first cut of the 4,000 word mini-chapter on "Bougainville". This needs a bit more work before it is a "First Draft", but it is close. Also did an edit on "Cartwheel Gets Rolling" to reduce it from 14,000 to 12,000 words.



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17th Jan, 2006 01:50 (UTC)
Um, why do you put comics in bags? Don't you want to read them?
17th Jan, 2006 07:06 (UTC)
Way yes. They are not sealed in the bags; they can be removed for reading. The bags are just to protect them from dust, mold and fungus.
17th Jan, 2006 10:09 (UTC)
Wow, that's a good collection of comics. My collection is extremely modest, and very recently (only dating back to about 2000).
17th Jan, 2006 12:36 (UTC)
People often ask how old the oldest one in the collection is. The answer is: 1941. But age is not the sole determinant of value.
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