hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Christmas Meme

I can't sleep so I'm filling in a Christmas meme. Gacked from mistraltoes, hafren, snowgrouse, vilakins etc

  1. Do you have a real or fake Christmas tree?
    No, I don't have a Christmas tree. My parents have a battered fake one dating back to the 1960s. It gets a little smaller every year. The bottom third was lost in the 1970s.
  2. Do you put up Christmas lights on the exterior of your home?
  3. What's your favorite Christmas song/carol?
    That's a toughie. It's probably We Three Kings - that's the only one that I know all the words to all the verses
  4. What do you like better - turkey or ham?
    Turkey. Mum will dish them both up. Roast turkey is more of a Christmas treat, like roast pudding with brandy custard
  5. Do you open up any Christmas presents on Christmas Eve?
  6. Have you ever been Christmas caroling?
    No, I cannot sing
  7. What was your most memorable Christmas gift(s) that you received?
    As a child, a spectacular Hornby train set. Alas, my mother eventually wanted her living room back.
  8. What's your favorite Christmas movie?
    Die Hard.
  9. Have you ever built a real snowman?
    Yes. It's impossible at Christmas time of course.
  10. Have you ever peeked into a present and found out what it was before Christmas?
    Yes. This led to considerable competition with my sister. I would gift wrap a beer box containing her present and a couple of marbles (so it rattles).
  11. What is on the top of your Christmas tree?
    My parents' tree always has an angel at the top.
  12. Do you own a Santa hat?
  13. When was the last time you had your picture taken with Santa Claus?
    At least thirty years ago.
  14. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?
    What little there is, is done.
  15. Do you put candy canes on your Christmas tree?
    Wouldn't they melt?
  16. Who is hardest person to buy for?
    My Dad. He never wants anything.
  17. Who is the easiest person to buy for?
    My sister always sends her wish list
  18. How old were you when you realized Santa was imaginary?
    My Dad revealed that Santa is extraordinarily fond of cold beer. I smelt a rat. It was no big deal though.
  19. What does your morning of Christmas routine consist of?
    I have to get up and get dressed before my neices arrive.
  20. Egg nog?
    Never even seen it
  21. What do you want for Christmas this year?
    The War Memorial to process my photocopying by cob Friday
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