hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Meme: What am I a Goddess of?

Gacked from faeriefyre

The goddess of Treasures/Adventure. You love to go
on adventures because whenever you do, you
always fund treasures and you take great pride
in any treasures you find. You are friendly and
very wise due to all your travels/adventures.
Your friends look to you for your wisdom and
truth on the world. Sometimes people get
envious or jealous of you because they wish
they knew your secrets. You love to be the
center of attention and you can sometimes get
moody when you aren't. Your family finds you
mature for your age because of all the
knowledge you possess. You friends love hearing
the details of any trips you've taken or any
new wisdom you've learned. You sometimes like
to boast the fact that you know so much, but
you never let it get to you. When you're alone,
you amuse yourself with the treasures found on
your many adventures and when you're with
friends or family, you love to discuss the
meaning of the tinkets and their value. Your
power would be the ability to tell the future.

What are you a Goddess of? - (with anime pics)
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