hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,


While suffering from this stupid new version of Firefox, I thought I'd give the new version of OpenOffice a try.

This is a great idea: a free product that does much of the work of MS Word. I should add that I don't actually pay for my copy of MS Word - it belongs to the company. The question is: is it worthwhile switching to OpenOffice Writer?

Naturally, I try to make it do a few tough things. Possibly it is a mistake to try and make a product of this nature so feature-rich. In any case:

(1) The User dictionary feature does not work. Oh, you can create one and add words to it. But it will not use it for spellchecking purposes. (defect reports 52103, 57894)
(2) Start typing after a footnote and the writing becames footnote text. (defect reports 58933)
(3) Margins are not the sizes that you specify.

Also, I hate morons who want to send you huge URLs in emails. What on Earth makes them think that I would read email on the same machine that the browser runs on.
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