hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Canadian Citizenship Test

Word is that the UK has instituted a citizenship test, modelled after the one that aspiring Canadians must take. Take a Canadian Citizenship test yourself. I got 95% from 20 questions - I didn't know the name of the tower in the centre of the Parliament building. Mind you, this is Canada we're talking about - it's a rare trip there where I don't detect some nonsense. This is no exception; the test says that the Prime Minister is the head of the largest party in the parliament, which isn't actually true.

Perhaps we should have a citizenship quiz here in Australia. Here's my suggestions for twenty questions about Australia:

(1) Who was the first Prime Minister?
(2) Who was the first Nobel Prize winner?
(3) Who is the head of state?
(4) Who is the Governor General?
(5) Who is Chief of Defence Force?
(6) Who is captain of the cricket team?
(7) Who won the ARIA award for album of the year?
(8) How many senators are there?
(9) How many cans are there in a slab?
(10) How often is the Australian Womens Weekly published?
(11) What is the largest stadium?
(12) What is the largest bridge?
(13) Where is the longest bar?
(14) Where is the longest stretch of straight railway track?
(15) What is the largest public company?
(16) What horse has won the Melbourne Cup three times?
(17) What city lies on the Derwent River?
(18) What sort of animal is an echidna?
(19) Where does the Prime Minister live?
(20) When were the Olympic Games held in Australia?

Remember: you have to get them all right or we'll call you a "drongo".
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