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The WOF Meme

Gacked from morgan_dhu

Edit: For those who do not know, WOF stands for Women on Fire, which is the name of a series of very good and highly recommended (by me, at least) fantasy novels (five books to date, including a prequel) written by the amazingly multi-talented plaidder. Information about the books, and the means of obtaining them (since the evil genre publishing world has not seen fit to print them) is available here.

These novels are set in a universe in which there are, well, beings who involve themselves to a greater or lesser extent in what people do. Two such beings are known as Idair and The Dark One. Both are able to invest people with paranormal abilities. Those invested by Idair are bright, those invested by the Dark One are, not surprisingly, dark. Both beings require their followers to adhere to certain rules of behaviour, or forfeit their special abilities. One of the things that Idair's followers cannot do and retain their allegence is lie. The Dark One's followers can lie whenever they choose but they cannot tell anyone that they love them.

plaidder wrote:

One of those LJ-memes is going round about where you ask someone 5 questions, and they answer them in their LJ, and then people can leave comments in that person's LJ asking to be 'interviewed,' and on it goes.

I was pondering the niceties of netiquette in relation to this (how personal can you make the question without causing the interviewee grief?) and I came up with the following WOF-specific variation:

1. Decide whether you are bright or dark.
2. Post a comment asking to be interviewed.
3. I ask you 3 questions. You post the answers in your own journal, along with these instructions.
4. If you are dark, you must answer all 3, but you can lie as much as you want.
5. If you are bright, you must truthfully answer any ordinary or vexed questions (to the best of your ability). You are allowed to evade difficult questions but you must do it without saying anything that is not literally true or point-blank refusing to answer. You can refuse to answer dangerous questions. You are also allowed to give answers that are true but do not tell the whole truth.*
6. Based on your answers, everyone gets to guess your alignment.
7. You then pose 3 questions to the first person to correctly guess your alignment, and the cycle of memeage begins anew.

*For the purposes of this meme: a vexed question involves some sort of Great Unknown; a difficult question involves something you personally don't feel like divulging information about because it would be embarrassing; a dangerous question involves something that would potentially cause real harm to yourself or another person if you revealed it. Anything that is not vexed, difficult, or dangerous is considered an ordinary question.

1. What is it about your favourite fandom that makes it your favourite fandom?
What I like about Blake's 7 is that it is dark. It pulls no punches. It portrays a bleak and uncompromising vision of the future.

2. What will take the place of your thesis work in your life once it is finished and ready for publication?
An Open Source computing project.

3. What do you think would be the most effective set of conditions (other than a single totalitarian world government) for drastically reducing the likelihood of, if not completely eliminating, wars of aggression on Earth?
The establishment of an international system of legislation, conciliation and arbitration.


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