hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

National Breast Cancer Aweness Month

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month finds me at The Pink Ribbon Ride Benefit Night at Tilley's as a guest of the Women's International Motorcycle Association who raised over $20,000 raffling off a pink motor scooter ("Scooters For Hooters"). We pretty much had all of WIPA there, along with the local Dragons Abreast team. They got Senator Kate Lundy to be host and everyone sang Happy Birthday to Anne in honour of her f***tieth birthday.

There was some plugging of a new book, "Amazon Heart - Coping With Breast Cancer Warrior Princess Style" about two young women coping with breast cancer.

And best of all, some very good music, including Drum Attack, Alison Proctor and Lucie Thorne.

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