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Spent half the day at work repairing my WinNTdesktop machine after Homer installed SNMP on it, which of course requires you to reinstall the Service pack, which of course requires you to reboot the machine. Then it wouldn't start anymore, bitching about missing or corrupt WINNT files. Hauled the hard drive out of the machine, put it into another machine, replaced the files and put it back . Productive, fruitful work. This is why we leave the stupid things up all the time.

The router here is now working! Last night Dirk sent me a pdf file that was several MB in size, and the router went to 128Mbps mode like it is supposed to. The printers here are still boat anchors though. How can you write a thesis without a printer? I am endeavouring to get work to spring for a new one but the boss wants to be cheap...

Chapter 6 is actually starting to get interesting. Lots of stuff about moonlight runs to beaches in New Guinea. The American Engineer Boat and Shore Regiments have never got the recognition they deserved for what was an extraordinary and heroic effort.

The chapter will probably be split into two, with me completing the other half over Christmas. That is, I will cover the base at Lae in this one and leave Finschhafen and the Ramu Valley for next chapter.
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