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Blake's 7

mistraltoes asks How did you get into fandom? Was B7 your first fandom? That's two questions, sorry, but at least they're closely related. :)

Yes, Blake's 7 was my first fandom. I had some (but not much) contact with AusTrek back in the early 1980s. I was never a Trekkie but they did hold semi-public screenings of TOS, the animated series and later TNG. I also had a little contact with Blake's 7 fandom back in the early 1980s while the show was still on air. Then in about 1994 I came across Blake's 7 on Usenet - there was a news feed of the Lyst established, I later discovered, by kerravonsen. I was very surprised to see that the fandom was still going after such a long period of time, and soon joined in the fun. Later I became involved in Xena fandom, but this has since died.



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4th Sep, 2005 11:41 (UTC)
I'd forgotten about that. Was that on Connexus, or Werple, or APANA or something? I have a vague recollection... not that I'd actually done it, but that I'd requested it or something.
4th Sep, 2005 22:07 (UTC)
It was under the Apana Lists hierarchy.
4th Sep, 2005 20:13 (UTC)
Thank you! I feel all well-informed now. Sorry to hear that Xena fandom has died out; I wonder what makes some fandoms go on and others end when the show does?

Love your icon. :)
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