hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis update

Have the documents for the Borneo chapter laid out on the floor in Manila folders. In sheer size they come to:
  • Borneo General (mostly papers on politics, strategy, military government and other peripheral matters): 4mm
  • Philippines (planning for Australian participatiobn in the Philippines Campaign): 10 mm
  • Morotai (staging area): 10 mm
  • Commander, Allied Land Forces (ie General Blamey), Report on Operations in Borneo: 12 mm
  • I Corps, Report on Operations: Borneo Campaign: 28 mm
  • Oboe I (Tarakan): 32 mm
  • Oboe VI (Labuan): 34 mm
  • Oboe II (Balikpapan): 22 mm
Total: 152 mm (about six inches)
Tags: thesis

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