hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Finals Fever

I'm writing this down so you can laugh at me later...

As I see it, the final eight, as decided last week, consists of the Big Four and four other teams that are really shouldn't be there. We need to go back to a Final Four. Eight is just a stupid revenue-raising gimmick.

This week's finals:

  • Finals kick off on Friday night with West Coast versus Sydney at Subiaco. I'm tipping the West Coast but only because it's in Perth. I don't know what's wrong with these guys lately. They thrashed Sydney at Subiaco in round six but lost at the SCG last time.
  • Geelong versus Melbourne is at the MCG. Melbourne barely scraped into the eight. Over the last three weeks they have beaten Geelong, Footscray and Essendon - but only just. The winning margins of all three matches put together adds up to no more than 15 points. Still, they did beat Geelong at Kardinia Park and I'm expecting them to win again. Then they can go down by 100 points to one of the Big Four in two weeks time.
  • Match of the round is St Kilda versus Adelaide at Football Park. This could be the Grand Final preview. Last week, the injury depleted Saints pounded Brisbane into the dust. This week, the Saints have up to six players back including, reported, full forward Fraser Gehrig. The Saints need a top full forward. Actually they need Tony Lockett. It's their style of play. But Adelaide will be no pushover, as they proved with their win against West Coast last week. I'm tipping the Saints. Don't ask me why.
  • Last and most definitely least is North Melbourne versus Port Adelaide at the Telstra Dome. The Kangaroos are a good example of what is wriong with the final eight system. They're ranked fifth on the ladder but got there by beating all the bottom sides. They haven't beaten one of the top sides since round three. Fortunately, they squeaked in a four point win against Port Adelaide in Canberra four weeks ago. It's hard to judge their form because they only had to face Carlton last week. Since the Blues couldn't have beaten anyone, the Roos were more concerned with not getting injured before the final. I think that they are going down to Port Adelaide this time.

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