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Spring. A time of the year when young men's thoughts turn to... football!

Sandringham midfielder Sean O'Keefe was the man of the match with 28 possessions and three goals.

The Northern Bullants went into yesterday's match against Sandringham as favourites with 11 wins and a draw from their past 13 games, the sole loss being to Werribee a fortnight ago. They had beaten Sandringham twice during the season, by 44 points back in April and by a goal at Trevor Barker (Beach Road) Oval just last weekend. However, Carlton selections, injuries and the finals eligibility rules conspired to force the Bullants to make several changes to the side.

The coin fell the right way for Sandringham captain Chad Liddell, who kicked with the advantage of the cross breeze. The Zebras, with only three changes to their line-up, settled better and had three goals on the board in just 10 minutes. The Bullants battled hard to contain Sandringham to a 12-point lead at quarter-time, which was 28 points at half-time, as the Zebras booted four goals into the breeze and Jordan Russell snapped the Bullants' only goal.

The third quarter was disastrous for the Bullants as Sandringham bombarded the goals, booting 5.9 to one point for a 66-point lead at the final change. If Mitchell was hoping for some pluckiness in the last term with the breeze he was disappointed, with the Zebras booting the last four goals of the match into the breeze after Chambers had marked and goaled for the Bullants in the first minute.

Sandringham advances to a preliminary final in a fortnight with an 87 point win, 16.20 (116) to 3.11 (29). It looks like they will have to play Tasmania next.

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