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In Melbourne for a flying weekend visit. Took my neice to Open Day at The University of Melbourne. My sister thinks that I am an expert because I went there as an Science undergraduate once – a long, long time ago. The place has changed little, only the faces. It seems that to get into Arts at Melbourne requires an ENTER score of around 90. In other words, marks better than 90% of high school kids in the state. To my neice this sounds like an awesome challenge. I tried to reassure her that her uncle was indeed able to do this. I'm uncertain about how reassured she was. My sister went on about a scheme for helping disadvantaged students (ie ones from schools that, for one reason or another, provide few university students). This isn't my normal way of tackling challenges. (Want to win the Olympic gold medal? Break the world record! Want to win the Grand Final? Beat every team! Any other way is the hard way.)

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