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Neil Gaiman

Went to see Neil Gaiman.

He was a a book signing at Gaslight Books, a small bookstore in Fyshwyck. Fyshwyck is one of Canberra few "industrial" suburbs. If it's legal anywhere in australia, you can get it in Fyshwyck. Gaslight is a small, quaint store. I don't go there much because it only carries fiction. Because it's so small I envisaged the crowd winding throgh the store and around the block, so I clocked off work early at 3:30. As it was, the crowd wasn't so large (although the store was doing roaring trade) and Neil began with a reading from his new book before, as he put it, "scribbling on our books". We all sat around him on the carpet.

Unfortunately, my stupid mobile phone went off while he was talking. Aaarrrggghhh.

Fortunately, Neil is a great guy. I'd spent some time last night picking out what books to take. My intelligence said that there was a three book limit. and so there was but you could get another ticket and go back to the back of the line for more signings. Anyhow, I selected "A Game of You", "The Doll's House" and "Endless Nights". The crowd actually looked much less geeky and much more gothy than I'd expected. Believe it or not, here were some intellectuals who'd brought books for Neil to sign instead of graphic novels. Some people were apologetic about the dog-eared look of their books but Neil said that books should look that way. I also bought "Mirrormask" while I was there, leaving me with four books. As a result, I was singled out by the management (who look like former hippies) and told I'd have to queue twice. In the event, Neil signed "Doll's House" as well while the management weren't looking. And he drew a picture of the Sandman in the front of "Endless Nights".
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