hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis update

Chapter on Aitape is now finished, weighing in at around 4,500 words. Very happy with this chapter.

Now I need to get cracking on my presentation for the Naval Conference. Then finish off the paper. I'm going to have to take more time off work, although the boss hates that.

Also put together another script for processing war diaries. Now there are three:
(1) The first, diaries.pl, downloads diaries from the War Memorial to my hard disk.
(2) The second, pdcat.pl, concatenates the pdf files (one per page) back into books (of around 100 pages each) again. The books assume the numbers that the War Memorial gave the folders, ie contents of folder 001 become 001.pdf.
(3) The new third, diaryidx.pl, grabs the index off the War Memorial, constructs a new HTML index for the new books and renames the books to human-readable names. eg 001.pdf becomes "001 January - February 1945.pdf".
Tags: perl, thesis
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