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Position Vacant

Okay all you Americans out there. Here is the chance of a lifetime. The post of US Ambassador to Australia is vacant.

The job features the following perks:

  • Generous compensation
  • A car (right-hand drive unfortunately... but you can park anywhere)
  • Nice, free accomodation in Canberra, Australia *
  • Little or no work

* Okay, so Australia is officially listed as a hardship post. So you'll get an extra remote area allowance and a free six-week trip home each year.

You're all eligible, so what are you waiting for? Send your application in now!


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5th Jul, 2005 03:42 (UTC)
Okay all you Americans out there...

I do hope you're not including John Bolton in that invitation; I doubt very much that you'd enjoy working with him.

At the moment, as you may already know, Bolton's nomination for UN ambassador is having a bit of difficulty in the Senate. Bush seems to have his hopes set on sending Bolton to wreck the UN before it starts calling us to account for the mess we've made in Iraq.
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