hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis writing continues.

Yesterday, it all seemed so clear.

I had to write up Bena Bena and Tsili Tsili. Then turn to the advance on Salamaua, the most important part of the chapter. But when I sat down today, I thought: "What did happen at Bena Bena, anyhow?"

I couldn't look it up at the War Memorial because there's a huge crowd there at the moment for the end of WWII but I do have Dexter's New Guinea Offensives and the war diaries here, so after a few hours I researched it and then wrote it up. Dexter knew a lot about it because he was a commando and was there. One page. One page which stands an excellent chance of getting the chop when I come to edit the chapter to bring the overall word count down. And what did happen at Bena Bena? A few hundred commandos held a remote airstrip in the New Guinea highlands. Um, that's about it actually. Bena Bena never became more than a good emergency landing strip.

Tomorrow: Tsili Tsili.

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