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The standard Live Journal client was pissing me off so I am trying with a new client. This is the LJ.NET client. It cheerfully admits that it's Beta test and sure looks it too. It's supposed to be more WYSIWYG and in that at least it is a bit of an improvement. For a start, it could use an about this client menu so people would know which version they are running. I also pushed the Journals button by accident and (apparently) the only way out is to kill off the client with the task manager. To get it to run had to install the new version of Microsoft Framework SDK. I don't know what version I was running because Microsoft is another mob who think that the version number should be classified information. The advantage is that since I have the source code, I can modify it myself. I just wish that I had more free time available to do so.

My ISP has decided that it's no longer worth his while to support my email address any more, so I need to change it. I have a few weeks to get off it. This means that I have to change over the mailing list subscriptions. And the addreses on the web pages. All of the OrBat web pages have my email address on them, every one! It was part of the Frontpage template that they were created with. Homer says that I am a dill for not putting it in a frame. But other people don't like frames. A perl script easily changed all the references to the Metva address -- which some people also seem to have trouble with, probably due to the agressive spam filter but now it's the only address I've got. I haven't uploaded anything much in months and there is something wrong and the put commands time out! I have spoken to ADFA about it and it looks like I will need to speak to them again. On the plus side, it seems that I have an ADFA email account that I've never used. But University email accounts aren't very good as they always disappear.

This isn't the only problem with email account. They switched phone lines without telling anyone. Presumably nobody uses dialup any more. And I can't collect the mail except when I am logged on to them, which I can't be when I'm out of town. All in all, it's a big mess.
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