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I remember a book by Marion Zimmer-Bradley where there are three great gods: Ayceeline, Internalbatteree and Bahkup. But the greatest of them was Bahkup.

I back the thesis up onto Zip disk. Floppy is too small (and besides, Jessica's floppy drive isn't working at the moment). Even Zip, at 100 MB isn't that large; I can't hold more than a dozen backups on one disk. For more, I have to go to CD> CD is larger but takes longer to burn, is less reliable and multi-session CDs have this disturbing habit of not being readable on other computers. DVD is even worse. So I stick with good old Zip. I actually ran a restore from the backup Zip just a couple of weeks ago, when I thought that Jessica's hard disk had died, transferring onto the Hilary computer via Sandy's Zip drive.

Except that this mrning I couldn't find the stupid backup Zip disk! No panic (yet) as the original is still there on Jessica and there are current backups on CD and Hilary. But sheesh! That is so not good. And I spent so much time looking for it that I didn't have time to make my lunch today.

To cheer myself up, a trip to the Post Office. Treasure! Books! Comics! And an inch of photocopied documents from the National Archives relating to the Beach Commandos.

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