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Film Review: Hating Alison Ashley

What's there for Erica Yurken (Saskia Burmeister from Wicked Science) to hate about Alison Ashley (Delta Goodrem from Neighbours)? Well, for a start, she's Drop Dead Gorgeous

This film, like the book from which it is adapted, is told entirely from the point of view of self-absorbed hypochondriac Erica, known to her family as Erk and her classmates and friends as Yuck. Director Geoff Bennett and screenwriter Christine Madafferi - neither of whom have done a movie before, being from a TV background - have tried to stick as close as possible to the book, with peculiar results.

In general, the script seems far more clever afterwards than it does while you're watching it. This is because you keep seeing yourself heading straight for all these awful teen movie clichés. In fact, they are cunningly and deftly avoided; but in such a way that there is no reassurance of not cropping up again later.

Take, for example, Barry Hollis (Alexander Cappelli from Short Cuts), the school arsonist and all-round bad boy (but cute). He has relationships with both girls but there is no romance. Indeed, he has absolutely nothing to do with, or even add to, the rivalry between Alison and Erica, which is entirely focused on their relationship with each other. </p>

However, Saskia and Delta don't have this movie all to themselves. They are completely upstaged by Jean Kittson, who plays their teacher, Miss Belmont, as a spiky-heeled, whip-wielding dominatrix, leaving an hilarious trail of sadomasochistic subtext in her wake which is a joy to behold.

All in all, a fun movie.

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