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National Archives

On getting to the Archives in Melbourne, I discovered to my horror that I had requested the files on Oboe I (Tarakan) and Oboe II (Balikpapan) but not Oboe VI (Labuan). This meant another trip. I requested one of the two files for tomorrow; the other is Not Yet Examined and won't be available for weeks. However, I had a lucky break: a set of papers on Oboe VI was misfiled with the papers on Oboe II by the Navy. Therefore, I got all the material I was hoping for. The papers in the requested files are probably another copy of the same material.

Heaven knows how I am going to condense this into a 7,000 word paper. Oboe alone deserves its own paper.


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22nd Mar, 2005 04:10 (UTC)
Hi, have you got email access at the moment if you're in Melbourne? FC was forced to move sooner than expected and I think your fellow admin could use a bit of back-up...
22nd Mar, 2005 13:11 (UTC)
I have email access of a sort... I have access through my web browser interface. It's a bit more limited though than my access back in Canberra... the mail is not being sorted into neat piles by Eudora and my mailbox became swamped with dozens of subscription notifications. Basically, it is very easy for me to lose something in the pile.

My personal subscription has suddenly been reset to the digest form. So I'm still receiving mail from the list in a form. I haven't got access to my own subscription message so cannot change my own details.

I am still an administrator but cannot access the administrator web page because the password has been changed on me.

In short, I am unable to help her until Robert acts on my own problems...
22nd Mar, 2005 16:29 (UTC)
The admin password is the same as the one we had in January. If you want to be on single-message, I can change your details. Wonder why you're getting the notifications and she isn't?
22nd Mar, 2005 21:58 (UTC)
Thanks. Robert resent my password... it wasn't incorrect after all, I was just accidentally using the wrong email address. As for the list password, when I am away from home, I have to rely on what I've got on the handheld PC and it was out of date. I have updated it and authorised a series of posts for people.

I will set myself back to single message when I return to Canberra... I'll continue to get the digest for the moment.
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