hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Thesis update

Met with John Moremon at lunchtime. He handed over a foot of photocopied documents which I've sorted and filed with the rest. I'm going to need a new filing cabinet drawer for the Moremon collection. None of the documents he promised though. In return, I gave him some war diaries. Because he doesn't have a DVD player in his 'puter, I gave him an old copy on CD. Just the headquarters units, not the battalions but still some 33 disks worth. They fit on just four DVDs!

He's working on his book. Strange that when I began he had problems with me working on logistics and covering stuff he might want to write up one day but now he's realised that it's not his bag and was suggesting that when I write my book (yeah, right) I should start from the begining (ie recap his thesis).

Also, next time I speak to Jeff I must cross examine him about the bibliography. What a pain. Fortunately, I'm better off than John; I can manipulate the whole thesis with Perl scripts. OLE!
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