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Book Report for the months of December 2004 and January 2005

Books Read

  • John A. English, Failure in Command: The Canadian Army and the Normandy Campaign
    An intriguing account of the Canadian Army's training and leadership in the Second World War. Reviewed here.
  • A. E. Jones, Sailor and Commando: A Royal Australian Navy Beach Commando 1944-46
    Read this one for my paper on the Beach Commandos. The usual sort of individual memoir, with funny incidents and all. Contains much of value, although often in passing. I'd recommend it for anyone who would like to know more about them but the book is probably ungettable. I found my copy at the Australian War Memorial.
  • Edward J. Drea, Macarthur's Ultra: Code Breaking and the War Against Japan
    Covers the codebreaking effort in the Southwest Pacific but does not go too deeply into the codebreakers themselves. If you want to know what the various Japanese codes were and how they were broken, this is one of the best explanations you will find anywhere. Most notable is the description of how useful intelligence can be garnered even without being able to read the coded messages. The final chapter, on the intelligence gathering effort for the invasion of Japan is a tour de force, as it maps out day by day the arrival of more and more Japanese units in Kyushu on the beaches where the invasion was to take place.

In Progress

  • Campbell, Douglas N., The Warthog and the Close Air Support Debate

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