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12 Hours of Gravity

Back when I was an undergraduate Science student, we used to occasionally rally to repeal Gravity. We had our own logo too, featuring Newton with an apple bobbing in the air on a string. Now the Beechworth Chain Gang have brought us twelve hours of gravity.

The 12 Hours is a cycle race over 12 hours (9am to 9pm) held near Rosewhite in North East Victoria. The scenery is spectacular with views of sheer rock faces known as the "pinnacles" and views of Mount Buffalo and the Victorian Alps.

The idea of the race is to ride the most laps. We entered a mixed relay team of six with John, Mark, Homer, his wife Julie, her friend Hermione and myself. Each would ride a lap and hand over to the next rider in rotation. The "baton" was a plastic strip on a cord that could be worn around the neck.

The course contained some steep downhills, some nearly impossible uphills, some nice dips, a ride over duckboards and a plunge (with an Australian Standard mattress at the bottom in case you missed). The State champion did it in 35 minutes. Those of us who were born on Earth instead of Krypton took an hour.

Oh, and we managed to complete 11 laps, winning our division.

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