hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Telecommunications (#5 in the series)

Yesterday, Gadget used Hilary (the laptop) to create a wireless network at work. In the course of this, we scrubbed the LAN settings on the laptop. Emboldened by an inability to get this to work, I tried to set up DNS and DHCP on the ADSL modem. This did not work; Jessica duly picked up an IP address out of the bucket and could talk to Sandy and Hilary but could not talk to the intenet. It was not letting Jessica pass through although Sandy (with a hard-coded config) was okay. Worse, reverting the settings on Jessica back to hard-coded did not fix the problem!

Brought Gadget back with me from work to get it working again. After some tweaking, twiddling and frobnicating, he got a working setup going again. However, when he went beyond that and tried to get DHCP and DNS working, he encountered problems. After about an hour he gave up, leaving Jessica with DHCP (ie IP addresses allocated dynamically from a bucket) but a hard-coded DNS, although it is now on the ADSL modem. Later, I set Hilary up the same way.

This will probably not be the last post on this subject.
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