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Telecommunications (#4 in the series)

Back online.

Had a problem. My ADSL modem wouldn't connect. Since there is no ISDN here anymore, there is no alternative means of connecting to the net.

Called Bigpond's help line. I got this complete moron. He seemed concerned that one of the computers here was running Windows XP (Jessica has recently been upgraded from Win2K) and wanted to reconstruct the LAN connection. I told him that the other machines couldn't get through either and that Jessica could access the modem, which is set up as the gateway and if she can get there then there is nothing wrong with her. Lesson #1: Never tell them that there are any WinXP machines in the house. It confuses them.

Logged on to the modem. Everything looked fine except that it was not connected and was constantly trying to reconnect. Tried bouncing the modem but the problem was obviously at the other end. Called Bigpond help line again. Got someone a bit more intelligent this time. Dull, but not completely sub-normal. Went over what I had done. He seemed confused that my modem was an old SpeedTouch Home but now has SpeedTouch Pro features. If you're interested in this sort of thing, here's how. Lesson #2: Don't tell them about the modem. It confuses them. Also, I refused to set the modem back to the factory defaults. However, I finally got him to pass it on to the ADSL group ie the folks at Bigpond who know what ADSL stands for. I was warned that it can take up to 48 hours to get anything out of them.

This morning they called me back! They "rebuilt the config" whatever that means and now my modem is connected again.


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7th Dec, 2004 03:43 (UTC)
Bits of this sound suspiciously familiar. I had a problem a while ago which my ISP insisted was because I'd upgraded XP, so they took me through a rigmarole to restore my machine to an earlier condition. Towards the end of this the man said "well, I've spent enough time on you now, so I'll ring off, just go on doing what I told you and it will work." I was not very impressed by this, but I was impressed when someone else from the ISP rang me up just as I finished following the instructions and said "we've thought of something else it could be, can we send a man round?" And they did, in half an hour, and he messed around with the box, since when (touch wood) it's worked fine. And shortly after he'd gone, someone else rang up to see if I was OK because they'd had another idea...
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