hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Journal meme sheepage

Gacked from mistraltoes, kerravonsen, communicator

1. My journal is called:
'Looking forward, looking back'. Yes, it's the late Slim Dusty's last hit. I chose it because originally I intended to chronicle the writing of my Military History thesis. I still do this but now it's more like everyone else's journal: full of memes like this and quizzes.

2. My subtitle is:
I don't have a subtitle because I'm lazy. Anyone who has a good idea for one can post a reply here.

3. My username is hawkeye7:

Hawkeye was the name of a comic book character I was fond of as a kid. He was a brash, loud-mouthed and incorrigibly cynical and used to delight in scoring points off the then really square Captain America. It is not as many people assume, after the doctor in the movie and TV series M*A*S*H.

The seven refers to the fact that "hawkeye" was already taken and so I added he number 7 in honour of my favourite TV show, Blake's 7. This contained another favourite charcter of mine, Kerr Avon. He was not as brash, nor as loud-mouthed as Hawkeye but made up for it by being even more incorrigibly cynical. He also inspired me to take up computing as a science course option, which has ultimately led me here. Avon is said to be an INTJ on the Myer-Briggs scale but I'm actually an ENTJ, so I probably should have an icon of Servalan.

4. My default userpic (used here) is:
A pair of dolls. I found them on an LJ icons community and took them home because they're gorgeous.

5. My LJ name is:
Simply 'hawkeye'.

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