hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Australia's Military History is Misinformation

From: "Robert Greenshields" <resgee@bigpond.com>

As a student of history I am interested to know how much of Australia's military history is misinformation perpetuated by public service employees of the federal government, monarchists and monopolists. Recently I spoke to the author Peter Charlton and enquired as to when his biography on Blamey was to be released. His answer left me thinking about the credibility of some of the authors of Australian military history and their motives. The article you have on the net re Gordon Bennet has led to ask this question of you. I hope you don't mind. Are government employed or sponsored authors of material on Australia's military history bound by a type of contract or agreement not to publish the complete truth, and be selective about their writing so as to maintain an image beneficial to the credibility of prior leaders and the military organisation? Australian history, I have found to be a great subject, but the pattern of misinformation on subjects, not only military, intrigues me. I hope I have not been a nuisance.

Al the best Rob. Greenshields.</font>

To which I reply:

You are quite right; the only possible explanation for anyone's opinion differing from yours is a vast conspiracy of monarchists, the Federal Government and American multi-national companies that goes all the way to the top and has been masterminded by none other than Darkseid on the planet Apokalips.

Anyone who has worked for the Federal Government, or has received government subsidies is part of this vast conspiracy and has signed a written undertaking in blood never to reveal the truth.

I regret to inform you that you have already been subjected to an anal probe. Your only hope is an emergency upper colonic irrigation.

Yours etc.


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