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NanoWriMo - Day 1

289 words. Not much of a start but it's something.


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1st Nov, 2004 06:11 (UTC)
It's lovely. Are you going to tell us anything about what you're writing, or are you going for the energy of secrecy?
2nd Nov, 2004 05:06 (UTC)
In order to make it as easy as possible on my first try I decided to write a fanfic. There's a number of plot outlines here awaiting work. However have chosen this one based on it's amenability to the novella size. And the fact that it's been in my head for many years.

It is a sequel to my old Blake's 7 story "Swamp Weed" (published in Varia Lectio). Soolin seeks deadly revenge on her enemies... and then her family and friends. It is about loss and familial relationships. And tossing in the kitchen sink to build up to the required size.
3rd Nov, 2004 08:41 (UTC)
Hey, it will be great to get something onto paper that's been in your head so long! At least, it would be for me. And a Soolin story, that's a big blank canvas to play with. :) Go for it!
1st Nov, 2004 06:57 (UTC)
Something is always better than nothing! And you have my admiration for participating. It's quite a challenge.
1st Nov, 2004 09:53 (UTC)
Anything is better than a blank page/screen. You have my admiration for taking part in this.
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