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Books Read

Didn't read many books in the last month. For some reason I got involved in reading about military government in WWII, borrowed from the library at ADFA

  • Stuart Braga, Kokoda Commander
    Got given this at Chief of Army's Conference. An examination of Major General "Tubby" Allen. Allen's career is overshadowed by his relief in 1942. I'll post a fuller review separately.
  • F. S. V. Donnison, Civil Affairs in Northwest Europe 1944-45
  • C. R. S. Harris, Allied Military Administration of Italy 1943-45
  • F. S. V. Donnison, Civil Affairs and Military Government: Central Planning and Organisation
    These three books (together with two others on Africa and the Far East) represent the considerable experience of the British Army in the field of military government. Military scholars tend to focus on combat operations, neglecting the study of military government (or civil administration). Like many official histories, they are dry as dust tough for the most part and the authors decamp whenever something really controversial comes up. These should be required reading for higher formation commanders and anyone involved with military government.
  • C. D. Rowley, The Australians in German New Guinea 1914-1921
    There isn't much on this topic and this is the reference. Quite amazing that such a book could have been written in 1958, when it would have been hard to get access to the documents. Found a copy in an antique bookstore in Adelaide.

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