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Telecommunications (#3 in the series)

After making myself look like a real dill in my last post, I figured out how to communicate with the ADSL modem.
  • It requires a cross-over rather than a regular cable;
  • because the IP address is outside my subnet, I needed to reset the address of the laptop to communicate with it and ;
  • Gadget so thoughtfully gave it a password. I could have reset the modem to get the factory default but was able to guess the password
Gave the modem a new IP address, that currently used by the router. After the phone company has done its thing tomorrow, I will swap the modem with the router, plugging it into the phone line and the switch and all the 'puters will then be able to access the internet as before, only faster.

Isn't it amazing how the little dears can all now set their own clocks for daylight savings?
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