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Sperm Donation

There's an IVF clinic here located inside a small private non-profit hospital.

The laws here in Canberra are a bit scanty compared with other parts of the country and there isn't much regulation at all. Just the way they like it. Basically, they make up their own rules but with a caveat that regulation may arrive one day. Overall, they seem pretty defensive.

It seems that a lot of their clientele come from Victoria and South Australia where the local laws are far more strict. They spell it out in writing that donations may be used to help lesbians and singles.

Requirements are pretty much the same as blood donation; that you don't inject drugs, haven't been in the UK for long periods etc. They take blood and urine samples. There is also an interview to verify that you are not a nut.

Legally, donations of sperm or eggs remains one's property until they are actually used. To ensure that they are disease free, they are not used until about six months after donation.

The sad part is that donor sperm is very scarce. The clinic has been forced to import most of their supply, mostly from Denmark. Because of this, only one technique is used: IVF.
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