hawkeye (hawkeye7) wrote,

Adelaide Interlude

Long weekend in Adelaide. Did some unusual things, like drive the police vehicle obstacle course. You have to manoeuvre a commodore through a series of flags (forward and in reverse) representing alleys and tight garages.

Good to know that everyone there is doing so well, especially kannaophelia.

Rummaged through a number of second hand bookstores. Bought three books:

Reconquest: New Guinea 1943-1944 (1944)
Zink, Harold, American Military Government in Germany (1947)
Rowley, C. D., The Australians in German New Guinea 1914-1921 (1958)

Also got three new books given to me at the Chief of Army's Conference:

Evans, Michael, The Continental School of Strategy
Bradley, Phillip, On Shaggy Ridge: The 7th Division in the Ramu Valley Campaign
Braga, Stuart, Kokoda Commander: A Life of Major General 'Tubby" Allen

With regard to the last title, Dr John Moremon informs me that his publisher says he can title his upcoming book anything he likes so long as 'Kokoda' is in the title.

These books will be reviewed in due course (ie when I get around to reading 'em)
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