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Mont 24 Cometh (#3 in the Series)

The Flesh is weak.

The Spirit is looking pretty tragic as well.

Oh Lord, please don't let me fuck up.


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4th Oct, 2004 02:07 (UTC)
Have you been over the trail since last time you postde about it?
4th Oct, 2004 02:11 (UTC)
Yes. Rode it this afternoon. At a faster pace than usual.

I must not go out too fast.

4th Oct, 2004 02:20 (UTC)
You have to go round four times? Man, that's a lot.
4th Oct, 2004 02:28 (UTC)
At 20 km a trip, definitely. Fortunately, I don't have to ride them all at once. I do have to ride them in 24 hours, so at least one lap will be at night.
4th Oct, 2004 04:04 (UTC)
Be brave. Remember, you're A plus.
4th Oct, 2004 05:00 (UTC)
Cool icon!
4th Oct, 2004 05:57 (UTC)
There's a bit of Alti inside of me, too, especially when I have a sore throat.
4th Oct, 2004 13:09 (UTC)
Okay, I think I'm missing something here...
4th Oct, 2004 14:47 (UTC)
A Xena reference. Alti is the evil Shamaness in Seasons 4 through 6. She has a deep, raspy voice.
4th Oct, 2004 04:59 (UTC)
Don't be silly. Of course you won't fuck up. You'll be totally exhausted, but you won't do anything stupid.
4th Oct, 2004 06:12 (UTC)
Yes, of course, as kalypso says, you are alpha
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