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Mont 24 Cometh (#2 in the series)

Took the bike over to Mal Adjusted with instructions to fix everything. Three hundred dollars and change later I have new front brakes, new rear tyre and a new chain. They even washed it.

Went down to the Red Cross Blood bank with Homer and gave 600 ml. Because I've been in the United States recently and they have West Nile Virus there, the Blood Bank will discard the red blood cells and turn it into plasma. Blood pressure is now 125/80 and Iron (haemoglobin) is 161 g/L. I just love watching the blood flow through the tubes into the wobbling agitator dish.

Lots of stuff in the mail today. The University College Research Committee has considered my progress and rated it satisfactory. United Airlines has expired 25,800 of my frequent flier points. Little Boo send me a really cute birthday card. And a new book arrived from Newtown (cultural hub of this great nation): Civil Affairs and Military Government in Northwest Europe 1944-1946.


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28th Sep, 2004 03:32 (UTC)
600 ml? Wow. They took 470 off me the other week and said it was a full donation. Do Aussies have more blood, or is it a male v female thing?
28th Sep, 2004 06:49 (UTC)
No, it's about whole blood vs plasma donation. 470 ml is still the standard donation.
28th Sep, 2004 07:05 (UTC)
Ah yes... they did say something about plasma if my blood wasn't up to scratch. It was my first time so I'm still working it all out. I think I'll tell them to leave the cloth off my arm next time so I can watch the needle draw.
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