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Book Report for the month of August 2004...

Books Read

Lots of read books this month (some signed by the author)

  • Carrie Fisher, The Best Awful
    Semi-biographical novel about a deadbeat Hollywood manic-depressive mother whose husband has left her. Fisher is the master of the one liner and at her wittiest as the central character's life spins inexorably out of control.
  • Pete Hautman, Sweetblood
    Teenager Lucy Szabo believes that her insulin-diabetes has been caused by a bite from a vampire bat and has a theory that vampirism is actually diabetic ketoacidosis. Teenage rebellion and diabetes make a fatal mix however... Highly recommended.
  • Malcolm McConnell, American Soldier
    About General Tommy Franks.Reviewed here. Contains nothing of real value.
  • Earl F. Ziemke, U.S. Army in the Occupation of Germany : 1944-46
    Found in a second hand bookstore in Seattle, Wash. This book chronicles then first two years of the US occupation of Germany during and after World War II. Unfortunately, it seems that none of the lessons of the experience have been learned, and hence the debacle we have had in Iraq. I'll review this
  • David W. Hogan Jr, A Command Post at War
    About the US First Army headquarters in Europe 1944-45. Some detail about the army but the campaign is pretty well known. Interestingly, Britain's General Montgomery has been rehabilitated and the book says good things about him that an American author would not have said a decade or two ago. General Hodges' fitness for command is critically examined. A fine book.
  • Eugene E. Bauer, Boeing, the First Century
    Pretty much covers the story of commercial aerospace in the US. The scope is a bit large for the book. Covers pretty much everything with a warts and all approach so it includes details of various strikes and crashes. However it is not critical or analytical in any way.

New on Shelf

Several free books from the US Army Corps of Engineers. You guys are the greatest!


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