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Washington DC

Some people here have been complaining of the kinder, gentler, European-friendly version of the Star Spangled Banner being played at the Olympics. Personally, I like this version. Francis Scott Key never intended it as a battle hymn but as a solemn reminder of a stupid war that should never have been fought.

Strange but true: back in 1947, the Smithsonian dismantled Francis Scott Key's house and put it into storage. Now they claim to have lost it. While losing a house key may be an accident, I reckon that losing a Key's house takes real talent...

  • Riding to work

    Bike path is busier than Burke Street these days.

  • Freezing

    Coldest winter in 14 years. Subzero temperatures every morning.

  • Cycling to work

    Normally winter means less cyclists on the paths, but for some reason there are more than ever this year. Passed two dozen on the way in to work (not…

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