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Salmon Arm, BC

Yeah, I know salmon don't usually have arms.

Salmon Arm is actually pretty civilised. There are all the signs of generica - Blockbuster, A&W, Safeway, etc. For its size it is well serviced but the population doubles in the summer months. There is a major lake here called Shuswap. So far, the weather has been fabulous, with temperatures over 30C every day.

Michael has moved onto the property here. His family of six is living in a trailer. With us, it makes nine people in one trailer. However, the trailer is quite wide - about 16 feet - and it is fine. He intends to build on a part of the property nested amongst the pine trees. So far, he has managed to connect the electricity, water and cable, so he has broadband internet access. A septic tank system has been installed and a site and access road cleared.

The property is in bad shape. There is a lot of junk that has been dumped on it, including old cars, tyres, barbed wire and disused farming implements. Children appear to have built a kind of bush house. There was a lot of broken glass around that he had to clear away before it was safe for the children. There is still a lot of rubbish that has to be removed. The apple orchard is not only overgrown, it is infested with a moth. All the fruit (or the trees) will have to be destroyed to get rid of it.

It does make you think about why you live where you do.