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E-mail is still out of action due to a move of computer equipment. LiveJournal is still accessible, using the backup Internet account. Mind you, it won't post!

Spent Saturday afternoon at the War Memorial looking through the records on Kanga Force at Wau. Some good reports on operations and commando raids but not a lot on logistics. What a low tech outfit. Two commando companies in a remote valley. Lots from the commander about why he set fire to the whole place at the first sign of Nips. Found a couple of minor items of interest to the chapter on the Bulldog Road, which have been added to it.

While I was there I had a thumb through Theo Barker's book on the Signals Corps. It doesn't contain much on WWII but I found essays in it about the Moresby - Kokoda - Dobodura Jungle Line, the Morobe - Lae Line and the Australia - New Guinea Submarine Cable. I'd already written an account of the first for the Cartwheel Chapter but now went back and added a page or so worth, weaving in information from Barker. He doesn't use footnotes but it probably all comes from reports buried in the War Memorial someplace. Eventually, I will dig them up. Suspect files have been added to the list to be checked next Saturday. The Morobe - Lae Line is scheduled for the next chapter, on Lae, and I have collected some material, mainly related to the Markham River Crossing. So too is the New Guinea Submarine Cable. This one has attracted so much interest over the years that I had to request declassification of the documents, meaning that I am probably the first to see them since the war years.

The request for declassification of Lieutenant General S. J. Chamberlin's letters came back with a letter to the effect that they are still sensitive and will require close examination before they can be declassified. They have given themselves 90 days to decide. Defence always take all 90 days. There's no good reason for this, as the letters are over 30 years old. It would be nice if they really do contain something sensitive but I doubt it.
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