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Book Report for the month of July 2004

Book Report for the month of July 2004...

gacked from sangerin

Books Read

  • Philip Bradley, On Shaggy Ridge
    An account of the 7th Division's Ramu Valley campaign of 1943-44, put together mainly from interviews. Quite interesting, covers combat operations in great detail, except that the Official History already covers combat operations in greater detail. But his approach puts a very human face on it.

In Progress

  • Kim Akass and Janet McCabe, Reading Sex and the City
    I like this series. It's extremely well written and very witty indeed at times. And the stars, especially Sarah Jessica Parker are always so nicely tirned out. However, for someone who's supposed to make her living writing about sex, Carrie Bradshaw is soooo narrow. Remember when she freaked out when Alanis Morisette went to kiss her? I mean, really... This book is much more critical than other books of the type I have read. Also has lots of information about shoes.

New on Shelf

Nothing new this month! Will pick up some in the United States.

No more work for a few weeks!
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