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Laptop #2

Plugged Hilary in to the LAN and ran the Network Configuration Wizard. Didn't work of course - failed to ask the required questions - but it did find Jessica. Was able to copy Netscape, OpenOffice and the LiveJournal .NET Client and a couple of gigabytes of data across. After about an hour of copying, shut Jessica down and tried the Network Configuration Wizard again. This time it created a "Network Bridge" instead of a "Local Area Network". Still wrong but I could finally key in what it needed. Now I am posting from Hilary.

Will someone please remind me (a) why we use LiveJournal instead of simply pasting up our own web pages (b) how in Hell you configure your own page. I created a new "style" but could not get the "use" button to work and therefore could not switch to it. Surely there must be an easier way than mucking around with these styles and layouts (I mean other than the Old Way).
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