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Meeting with Jeff

Another meeting with Jeff, the first since this one in April. The University wants assurance that thesis will be completed on time and believes that 15 page review questionnaires are the answer. I do hope they don't need an entire unit just to collect and collate the things.

This is an attempt to apply Science standards to the humanities. I suppose that a military historian might want to interview people but do we do experiments with animals?? Jeff did give me the low down in the Intellectual Property (IP) rules. The book will have my name on it. Now I have to get it written.

I presented a new version of the chapter plan. By hook or by crook it comes in under the excruciatingly low 100,000 word limit. Actually, it all looks so simple in spreadsheet form. Spreadsheets are a wonderful tool for transforming the facts. It relies on 10 page chapters and these are too short. I may consolidate those chapters.

Jeff really wants to see the Final Campaigns covered. And I don't blame him. Books have started to appear on the 1943-44 campaign but 1944-45 remains in the Green Hole. I don't have much idea what I will say in these chapters. So we decided to wait until they were written. Early chapters have themes.

Progress plan calls for completion of all drafts by the end of next year -- six are outstanding, so one every two months. Then six months of pulling it all together in early 2006. Realistically, graduation at the end of 2006. All in all Jeff seems very happy about the way things are going. The 2006 completion date doesn't seem to bother him.

He also gave me a number of contact names, email addresses and phone numbers for the US. Let's hope sanity prevails over there (but fat chance).

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