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I'm Just Sentimental About Money

I tend to leave large amounts of money in my bank account. I know I shouldn't - it garners precious little interest, which attracts tax at the top rate and what is left over gets gobbled up by various other taxes and charges. Daddy has been nagging me about doing something about it but I have a long event queue.

I diverted a chunk of the money into shares in the National Bank. This is one of the four big banks here. I felt that its shares were about 20% undervalued because of recent incompetent management, particularly of business activities in the United Kingdom. Assuming that this is behind them, the shares should regain their value and perform well. Anyhow, they have earned about $200 in the last two weeks and are fully franked.

If I never post on this topic again, you can take it that I have completely forgotten about them and just left them there.

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