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Books Read:

  • Grace Hayes, The History of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in World War II: The War Against Japan
    One of the best books on World War II I've ever read. (And I've read quite a few.) I'd buy a copy but I can't find one. ADFA's copy is now full of Post-It notes marking pages for my thesis.
  • Rosalind Wiseman, Queen Bees and Wannabes
    Girls being girls. Non-fiction, but filmed as Mean Girls.

In Progress:

  • Brigadier P. J. Greville, The Royal Australian Engineers 1945-1972
    Here's someone who obviously didn't have no word limit to reckon with. At 980 pages, it's big. Repetitious too. Presumably it either got lost in the edit or he didn't believe that anyone would read the whole thing. Still, it covers many things that aren't covered anywhere else.

New on Shelf:

  • Kim Akass and Janet McCabe, Reading Sex and the City


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2nd Jul, 2004 21:42 (UTC)
Re: Grace Hayes
This book search just found three copies, used, at prices from $38 to $100 US. International shipping policies probably vary from dealer to dealer. It's possible that you could either score one of these copies or find a similar kind of book search closer to home.

Good hunting :-)
2nd Jul, 2004 23:31 (UTC)
Re: Grace Hayes
Thanks muchly. I had searched with a couple of other sites I use without success.
3rd Jul, 2004 00:58 (UTC)
How can you be grumpy with a cute icon like that?
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