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Next Chapter Time

Enough mucking about. This weekend, new thesis chapter.

The challenge is to select which one to write. There are four possibilities:

(1) The strategy chapter at the front. Fourteen pages are already written but they consist of two long essays, one on air transport and one on landing ships and craft. I had a go at it over the past week and have my doubts about this one. It's likely to get a lot of chopping and changing.

(2) The Bases in Papua. Nine pages written, mostly of a good section on POL. This one could become very large indeed. Source material is mostly American. It will probably top 40 pages.

(3) Wau-Salamaua. Another place where I've been tossing topics whenever they haven't fit in the others, like Bena Bena and Tsili Tsili. This needs some more research, which will probably take a month or two. Therefore, it cannot be finished before the end of the year.

(4) Lae. This one has 12 pages. It's got all the research completed (but I've said that before). So I was thinking during my morning run today that while it means picking on an easy chapter and making life harder for myself next year, this probably represents the best shot at getting another chapter ready by mid December.

It's good that there are pages written already, for this means no blank page syndrome.
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