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Why I Hate the Phone Company

Spoke to the phone company.

They said that the transposition request was still in the system. Work will be done ripping up optic fibre lines in my neighbourhood next month and maybe it can be actioned then. The request will have died by then - they don't keep anything on the system more than eight weeks because they like to resolve everything within eight weeks. So I will need to start anew, with another transposition request. Bottom line: no broadband until at least August.

They didn't know why they disconnected my phone line. They said that they would reconnect it at once. They reported the line working at 09:20. Didn't bother checking that it was working of course. Simply dialing the number would have revealed that it was not.

Rang back and complained that it was not working. Initially, they said that they couldn't do anything about it and that I should call back tomorrow. At that point we will simply repeat the steps above. Last

Looks like no phone service until further notice.
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