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Getting Ready.

Long weekend gives time to work up another Thesis chapter. Just a small one this time, on New Britain. Not one of the war's better known campaigns - probably one of the least - but perhaps one worthy of more study. Because it was small, because it involved all three services, because it was almost entirely Australian except for a Dutch ship and the Americans of the 594th Engineer Boat and Shore Regiment, it resembled the campaigns of more recent times, like East Timor.

Trying to get the field trip organised. I have contacted almost everybody but can't give firm dates yet. I have my travel agent working on it. As last time, there is a lot of "overhead" and only about a third of my time will be in the archives. Junked the London stopover, even though it would have only been three days. When will I learn? You need to take several months off at a time.

Work threw a farewell for Geoff. He wasn't as bitter as one might have reasonably expected. Very nice restaurant. Specialties include duck pancakes and the best mussels I've had in ages.
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